Rescue Foodie serves in Ontario.
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Remote Indigenous Community Support - May 2018

On behalf of all of us at Rescue Foodie THANK YOU to our incredible community members and friends for your support making our May rescue possible. We sent animal supplies, 5000lbs of dog and cat food as well as 2 skids of school items including kids winter clothing and shoes to 6 remote communities in Northern Ontario.

The team removed 29 dogs and 7 cats, who all safely arrived in Toronto where they will have full bowls and a lifetime of love.

A very special thank you goes out to the following team members who were instrumental in our success by helping with deliveries and animal rescues!! Dariusz KowalczykMeghan McDonnell, Jaime Reitknecht, Jeremy SintzelMelissa Murray, Sierra Hartnett, Payton Addley, Pam Flory from Northern Critters In Need, Tamara Randall and Daniela Belletini Heerema. You are incredible and selfless, thank you all so much!

Follow these beauties through the Etobicoke, Alliston and Toronto Humane Societies. All up for adoption soon!!


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